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Are you seeing results with your current skincare?

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

I’ve never wanted to get my hands on something MORE!! Obviously the stress of 2020 has done a number on our skin & thankfully last night R+F announced the BIGGEST new product revolution yet. This new regimen works 3x better & 2x faster on visible wrinkles & now visibly LIFTS, FIRMS and SCULPTS skin. 😱 Whaaaaat. (Stay tuned - going to convince Doug to be my model 😂😉).

Buuut…more on that later. I’m not going to sell that to you right now because you can’t get it yet (unless you're a consultant). So here’s a challenge instead.

If you use anti-aging skincare, take a picture of your face in natural light TODAY and for the next 2 weeks, continue using your products as normal. Literally don’t change anything. When those 2 weeks are up, take another picture in the same light, compare the two pics and ask yourself:

1. Is this product doing what it says it’ll do?

2. Am I happy with the results I’m seeing? (Am I actually seeing results?)

Seriously think about it.

If YES to both, then obviously keep using what you’re using and do not buy my products. That would be crazy! 😜

If NO, you should give this skincare a shot (see results pics in comments). After all, you have 60 days to try it and if you hate it, send the empty bottles back for a full refund. 🙌

In 2 weeks, I'll have 5 exclusive discount codes ready and waiting for the first people who want to claim them.

But seriously guys, no matter what you use, take this challenge. Whether you're struggling with dry, stressed, sensitive skin, breakouts, sun damage or aging... Test your skincare!!

Take the picture and if you send it to me (I won't post them), I’ll mail you a free sample just for playing along.

Just remember... 👇😜😘

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