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  • D'Ann Franck

Be That Girl and Own it!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Alright Peeps.

Here I am.

I am fully, 100%, “THAT GIRL”💕

👉🏼And I am so so effing proud of that. So proud.

You see most posts Every. Damn. Day. Maybe you roll your eyes. Maybe you don't care. Maybe you have zero interest. But maybe you know me. Maybe you are one of the many people who thought, "We never thought YOU would get into network marketing.” Because no one has ever had the guts to actually say that to me🤔 but I am sure it has crossed some peoples minds🤦🏻‍♀️

So why did I decide I was ok being "that girl" and being constantly judged .... because I care MOST about three things in my life.

My daughters, friends and empowering all women to love themselves unapologetically and authentically.

I saw R + F as a way to make ALL of those things better.

My Daughters - I am now able to contribute substantially more to their needs because I feel fulfilled and happy. I now have the flexibility do not be I pulled in 10 directions and dread my day to day commitments. I want to work. I wake up excited for it. Every. Damn. Day. My Daughters have the best version of me and that matters.

💁🏻👉🏼Maybe you don't want to be home.

❤️Maybe you LOVE your job.

🙋🏻‍♀️But maybe you want an extra income to support causes important to you, to save for a vacation after quarantine is over, the list goes on.....

💕My friends - I live and breathe for my friends. I saw first hand what this product and this business did for us. IT would be selfish of me to keep that to myself. A number of my friends love the products and use them and a handful are on my team. Also you know what? They all love seeing my success. 😘Because THAT’S what friends do. I Was NEVER worried about "bugging" my friends. They are my friends. They would be honest with me. That doesn't mean they all buy from me. But it does mean they all cheer for me. Did some think I wouldn’t succeed and this wouldn’t last long? Apparently ...but that gives me drive and determination to show them what this business truly can be for whoever gives it a chance! 👊

Empowering women - do I have all day? My favorite part of being “that girl” is showing others how to be “that girl” - 100% unapologetically WHO you are in a world that tries to convince you to do otherwise. Never apologize for being you and never shrink your dreams to fit inside someone else’s box. College degree, great! College is not for EVERYONE! You don’t have to go to college to be successful! You have to be motivated and willing to work. Like Archie Griffin said at my daughters graduation from OSU, “Always DO What YOU SAY you are going TO Do and you WILL be successful”! If I didn’t hear anything else that day but my daughter’s name being called to receive her diploma 🎓and those profound words from Archie Griffin, that’s ok! I think that was an important message for everyone to adhere to.

🎤So if you aren't joining because you are worried about being that girl. Don't worry about it. Own the hell out of it. Because being “that girl” just means being YOU. 100% YOU and Don’t forget “God has your back”! This could be the Canoe during the flood, or maybe the speedboat? But, if it’s the helicopter, you better grab on! 🛶🚤 🚁

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