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Build your Dreams....Don't let people get in your head! They aren't paying your bills!

I've been unfriended

I've been blocked

I've been told NO

I've been ignored

I've been told my business is a “pyramid scheme”

I've been told that I’m wasting my time


And that didn’t stop me, because...


I've been thanked

I've been recognized and congratulated

I’ve grown as a leader

I’ve earned a passive income

I’ve walked away from my retail career

I’ve helped others build their confidence and earn an extra income


There will ALWAYS be haters and naysayers.


They don’t determine your success, build your dreams, pay your bills or give you time freedom...YOU DO!!


Don’t let other people get in your way or get in your head!! Use those words or actions as motivation to push harder and prove them wrong, that’s exactly what I do!!


Is something or someone holding you back from chasing your dreams? Just go for it!! You won’t regret it!

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