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For Those who Just Haven’t met the “Right” people yet….

Dear Jesus,

We pray for the one who is lonely. We’ve been there, and we’ve felt it. We know how excruciating it can be. We pray for the one who wonders if she’s too much, not enough, and for all the women who teeter-totter back and forth between these two extremes. Show her that there’s nothing wrong with her; she just hasn’t met the right people yet. Show her that she is held, that she’s victorious, and that she’s your most marvelous creation. Encourage her heart, and fill up her mind with all the beautiful thoughts you have for her. Let her know we need her here because what she brings is priceless and unique.

We pray for the one who feels defeated, for the one who doesn’t know how to begin, and for the one who is exhausted. Would you bring her peace? Would you bring her comfort? Would you bring her friends? Highlight the ones she should pursue, and let there be opportunities to meet new people in the most unexpected ways. Give her the bravery it takes to be authentic, and vulnerable, and real, and give her the courage to try.

We pray for the one who has a broken heart and wounded wings and is afraid to fly again. Patch her up. Wrap her in care, and set her free.

And most of all, help her feel completely loved—from the top of her messy bun to the bottom of her feet, even her toenails that badly need a pedicure.

Shower her with grace and an abundance of rest. Fill her heart with hope and her mind with peace, and let her wake up with energy, excitement, and the very fullest of hearts.

Let this prayer meet her where she is. Let it help her feel seen and these words help her feel valued. Let the things she finds here stick with her, and let them change her.

And please, let this help her smile too.


I’m convinced on this Small Business Saturday that this prayer was answered for the women I met at a Retreat earlier this month. Each paragraph describes something in each of us and that my friend is what THIS Business is all about! Sure, it pays the bills but it’s about all of the above💕

AMEN Sisters and friends for life!

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