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Get Healthy and Lose the unwanted weight! Needy more Energy?

Heart and Hydration: Are you aware that it is so much MORE than a sugar-free sports drink? CoQ10, ginseng, and D-ribose are key ingredients 🍇

We are researching the ingredients and here is what we have so far... In Heart & Hydration

COQ10: •Some evidence shows that CoQ10 may prevent heart disease, because of its antioxidant activity coupled with its ability to inhibit blood clotting. One study did show that people who took CoQ10 during the days following a heart attack were much less likely to suffer another heart attack or chest pain, and were less likely to die of heart disease than those people who did not receive supplements. •Studies have shown that people with congestive heart failure (CHF) have a decreased level of CoQ10 in their bodies. The severity of heart failure correlates with the severity of CoQ10 deficiency. Furthermore, it seems that CoQ10 supplementation may reduce leg swelling, improve breathing, and increase the ability to exercise in people with CHF. Nine placebo-controlled studies on the treatment of heart disease with CoQ10 have shown that CoQ10 is an effective therapy for heart failure. However, these studies are very controversial, and further research is necessary •Preliminary studies show that CoQ10 may slightly decrease blood pressure after 1-3 months of supplementation. However, all of these studies have included a limited number of people . •Levels of CoQ10 often are lower in people with high blood cholesterol. Unfortunately, the statins and HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors that many people take for high cholesterol seem to further decrease levels of CoQ10 in the body. •CoQ10, when combined with other antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium, as well as essential fatty acids, may possibly reduce the size of tumors, reduce pain, and cause partial remission in some women with breast cancer. CoQ10 was not compared to other breast cancer treatments and is not clinically proven to reduce cancer. •Low blood levels of CoQ10 also are found in people with myeloma, lymphoma, lung cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancers, and cancers of the head and neck. •CoQ10 may reduce the recurrence of melanoma in people with stage I and II melanomas who have had lesions surgically removed. •Clinical studies have shown that people with gum disease tend to have lower levels of CoQ10. CoQ10 may cause quicker healing and tissue repair of gums. CoQ10 currently is used in some mouth rinses for people with gum disease. •CoQ10 may improve immunity and often is used as an adjuvant treatment for people with cancer. •CoQ10 may increase sperm count and motility, leading to improved fertility. •CoQ10 is possibly useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and may slow down progression of the disease. •CoQ10 is possibly useful in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. •CoQ10 may benefit people with Parkinson’s disease. •CoQ10 may reduce damage from stroke. •CoQ10 may improve athletic performance. However, some research shows no effects on performance from the use of CoQ10 supplements. •CoQ10 may improve skin health. CoQ10 is added to many cosmetic products . •CoQ10 may help age-related macular degeneration, when combined with acetyl-L-carnitine and omega-3 fatty acids. •CoQ10 may benefit asthma patients when added to other therapies. •CoQ10 is possibly useful in the treatment of renal disease. •CoQ10 may help prevent and treat migraine headaches. •People with muscular dystrophy may have improved exercise capacity, heart function, and overall quality of life when CoQ10 therapy is initiated. Ginseng is one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world.

Why do people take ginseng?

Ginseng has traditionally been used for a number of medical conditions. However, only a fraction of them have been seriously researched.

Some studies have found that ginseng may boost the immune system. There is some evidence that one particular type of American ginseng extract might decrease the number and severity of colds in adults.

Several studies in people have also shown that ginseng may lower blood sugar levels.

There is some early evidence that ginseng might temporarily -- and modestly -- improve concentration and learning. In some studies of mental performance.

Ginseng has also been studied as a way to improve mood and boost endurance as well as treat cancer, heart disease, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, hepatitis C, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, and other conditions.

Ribose (d-ribose) is a type of simple sugar, or carbohydrate, that our bodies make. It is an essential component of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which supplies energy to our cells. Why do people take ribose? People take extra ribose for several reasons, most of them related to exercise and sports performance. Manufacturers claim that ribose: •Increases endurance and energy •Reduces muscle fatigue •Speeds up post-workout recovery to show any increase in sports performance after taking ribose supplements. As of today, the evidence strongly suggests that ribose does not help athletes. Ribose has shown some promise for people with coronary artery disease. In those patients, the heart may not get an adequate supply of blood and oxygen during exercise. This can cause chest pains, or angina. Some research suggests that ribose supplements may boost the amount of exercise that heart patients are able to do comfortably. The supplements may do this by helping to bring the heart's ATP levels back to normal after a heart attack or angina episode. Some studies also show that ribose may improve heart function and quality of life for people with coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure. Ribose has also been used to prevent post-workout cramps, pain, and stiffness in patients with a rare condition called AMPD deficiency.

The same can be said for its use in patients with:

•McArdle's disease •Chronic fatigue syndrome •Fibromyalgia

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