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I’m Graduating College to be a Stay at Home Dogmom!

This graduation 🎓 season has me thinking about one of my fellow Premier Level V Leaders, Sammie Lisenda. Gone are the days of “graduate and get a job.... punch in and out and go be NORMAL.” These SMART millennials are saying NO to that and YES to freedom 💰 ✈️

Sammie has built a FULL-TIME AMAZING INCOME from her 📱phone (via Rodan + Fields ) during her last two years of college & look 👀 at what she shared that she would be doing after she graduated college last year 🌟

“Graduating college & getting a “job” was my plan A, thankfully God had other plans for me 🌈🤙🏻📲 #smallsacrificesbigrewards

Sammi is a self proclaimed go-getter MILLENNIAL! She joined Rodan + Fields at the age of 19 while a PRE-MED 👩🏼‍⚕️student, working 3 jobs and a wife! With a rigorous school 📚 schedule she was looking for a way to make extra income from home 🏡. Then her former middle school teacher shared R+F with her. Sammi said YES to once in a life opportunity to partner with 2 female-billionaire dermatologist that are leaving a legacy behind changing millions of people’s lives. She just graduated and is in a great position to start out in the world!! Here path with R+F has put her in the Top 2% of the company, she is well on her way to earning a FREE Benz and she was recently in Cabo, soaking up the sun☀️!

Life looks different for Sammi now, thanks to R+F!

It really is possible to work when, where and how YOU want with this business!

NO one is too young, too old or too busy for Rodan + Fields!

I will never stop sharing this business because it changes lives and opens doors. Our life has changed because I decided to go for it and I will forever be grateful.

(This is Sammi’s unique story for more information please search Rodan + Fields IDS)


#Sayyestomore #ownyour24 #freedom

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