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Let Go of Approval Ratings

None of us want to be misunderstood. All of us want to be approved of. But here’s the brutal truth:

A 100% approval rating is non-existent. So why do we strive for it? It’s futile.

At some point I had to come to the realization that I had one life to live on this earth, and it was mine to live. I would be the one living with the costs and rewards of my decisions—not those who had an opinion about them. So why would I give them ANY control of my life?

And so 4 years ago I did something knowing some people wouldn’t approve: I started a skincare business in #directsales. I knew this was a smart business decision that was right for me. I closed my ears to critics and set out on a mission to bring value to the lives of others through my business. And the rest, as they say, is history. Not only did I transform my own life, I helped transform many others—All because I decided other people’s opinions of me was none of my concern. 🙌🏼

#leadership #noneedtoexplain #respecteachother #everyonedeservestobeconfident #opportunityisknocking

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