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  • D'Ann Franck

Looking for a Game Changer Opportunity?

I’m So EXCITED....

We’ve got the next GAME CHANGER for you!

Lash Boost was a game changer for Rodan & Fields when it launched. Customers bought so much of it in the first year, it actually sold out and surpassed $240 million in sales! 💰

Well....The doctors have done it again, we are moving into a BRAND NEW CATEGORY and there’s nothing on the market like it!! 😳

If you’ve ever thought, why not me, even once… NOW IS THE TIME! ⏰

If you have not joined us on this journey yet and are wondering if there’s still opportunity? The timing to join us could not be better! We are only days away from launching in Japan 🇯🇵 AND this game changing product will launch in July!! Did I mention there is also cash for becoming a business owner?

Our business is growing like crazy! Why, because our business model and clinically proven products have never been more relevant.

PM me if you want to learn more...with exception to the new lips are sealed 🤐

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