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Losing weight is EASY....UNLESS

Losing weight is EASY...🙄 just eat less and be more active.


you suffer symptoms from:

thyroid disorders


excess cortisone due to stress

take depression medication

are on birth control


insulin resistance

adrenal fatigue

hormone imbalance

inadequate vitamins & minerals causing inefficiencies in the body systems


chronic pain




lack of support

slow metabolism

SO MANY other medications that cause weight gain

Overloaded schedules

100s of other VALID reasons

OH...and eating too little actually doesn't really help you lose weight it can cause you to gain and become malnourished and lower metabolic rate even further.

It REALLY is ok to seek out help, support & nutritional tools that are safe and effective.

Seriously...STOP shaming those who struggle. Losing weight is NOT simple for MANY. It's not easy. And telling those who struggle they are simply inadequate or not disciplined enough to overcome REAL barriers is only discouraging them from trying and keeping them in a chronic state of poor health, low self-image, and potentially a lesser quality of life.

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