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Thanksgiving tips for staying on track with meals and fitness.

Thanksgiving tips for staying on track with meals and fitness.

1. WATER WATER WATER - we tend to put water on the back burner during a family gathering or holiday, so try to get your gallon in EARLY so that you are staying hydrated. With all the extra carb and fatty foods that tend to be eaten on thanksgiving, we want to make sure we are staying hydrated to help with flushing/ digestion.

2. PROTEIN - most of the holiday foods we eat are CARB and FAT heavy. Focus on eating protein early in the day, and also remember to put some protein on your plate with your meal! Protein is essential not only for building muscle, but for DIGESTION - when we don’t eat protein with carb or fats, it’s more difficult for those foods to be broken down and metabolized.

3. DON’T GO BACK FOR SECONDS - portion control! It’s OK to eat a little of everything but one serving, no seconds. The first bite tastes the same as the last! 🙂

4. DESSERT - If you like to try a little of everything (like me) take small portions and take a few bites of each. Same as above, don’t go back for seconds! First bites taste the same as the last.

5. Eat until you’re 80% satisfied and listen to your hunger cues!

The morning of you can choose to fast until thanksgiving if your family does it earlier OR you can eat a normal protein heavy breakfast. This is up to you.

** Only track if you want to!*** This is a time to be spent with family. NO stress on holidays. Focus on the company and conversation and put those focus on quality time rather than what you’re eating


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