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  • D'Ann Franck

The World is Changing. And with Change Comes Opportunity!

Ever see my post and think, “Good for her, but that business is just not for me. I could never do what she does."

I’m not a sales person⁣

I’m not passionate about skincare, heck I barely washed my face⁣

I work a full time job⁣

I have no time⁣


Well guess what??? You’re not alone⁣

Before becoming a Consultant:⁣

64% Never had used an R+F Product⁣

67% Had no previous sales experience ⁣


56% of consultants work a Full Time job⁣

14% work a part time job ⁣

30% do only R+F⁣

If you can put your objections aside and give it a shot here’s what you will find:⁣

Products that will transform your skin⁣

Income that can be a life changer ⁣

The flexibility you need to work AROUND your busy life ⁣

A community that uplifts and surrounds you with positivity and love ⁣

Trainings that not only build your confidence is this business but in LIFE ⁣

This is a BUSINESS where you don’t need a lot of time or experience. It’s been proven to work in the pockets of your day. Don’t get met wrong, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme but if you are willing to be consistent and share, it can change your life. ⁣

Ready to chat??? I'm ready for you too. ⁣

*this is my unique story. See RFID*

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