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Top Reasons to start your Journey today!

Top Reasons to start your R+F journey today!

👜 1. JOIN FOR $75 (which is for your bundles of samples so you can start sharing right away)!

💰2. Get 50% off EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT in your first order!!!!😳

🤑3. Potential for an Awesome paycheck before Christmas.

🎁 4. Give gifts from THE #1 selling skincare (across ALL price points!!) to family, friends, teachers, neighbors, secret Santa’s etc at WHOLESALE….FROM NOW ON.

📝 5. Tax write off for 2021. Yes please!

🥂 6. Get ahead of that New Years resolution, pay down debt, contribute to savings, spend more time with family, even work to replace a full time income!

💰 7. Eligible for cash bonuses in first week….and from then on!!

🛍 8. Enrollment incentives available.

🙌 9. You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.

⏰ 10. If you have time to read this post you have time to get PAID, people!

🥇11. The obvious, #1 selling skin care brand and everyone you know has skin.

❤️ 12. Change only comes from change!

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