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Welcome to the best skin of your life!

Welcome to the best skin of your life! As a consultant with Rodan and fields I am excited to start you on your skincare journey . Who are Rodan and Fields?!

R+F is created by the same Doctors who created Proactiv. It is corrective and protective, and uses safe FDA approved ingredients. R+F is cruelty free and we do not do any animal testinga. All R+F sunscreens contain neither of the reef damaging ingredients recently signed into ban in Hawaii. R+F is water based, and completely oil free. R+F is the #1 selling skincare brand in the United States, across ALL types of brands. R+F is a young company with huge future potential – global investor TPG has invested in R+F to help achieve massive growth world wide. We have a huge selection of products to meet your needs. The best way to see what your skin needs is to take this quick online quiz. When you choose to become my customer you get 10% off and Free shipping for life, there are no mandatory orders. This month I am highlighting this product: LINK TO POST

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