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  • D'Ann Franck

What is Feminine Energy?

Something happens throughout our lives... especially as women... it usually starts when we’re children.

But every hurt, every broken trust, contributes to the walls we build to protect ourselves.

The only problem with that is, our walls only end up doing more damage to us! Our subconscious tries to disconnect us from what is causing us pain, but doing that also disconnects us from our feminine energy.

I want to explain that a little bit because this is huge!

Our feminine energy is what gives us the ability to grow, create and even receive everything into our lives! And when we’ve disconnected ourselves from it, a domino effect of damage comes after...

We become disconnected from our beings. This leads to a lifetime of undervaluing ourselves!

We accept worse treatment from others (because we don’t believe we deserve better).

We lose confidence in ourselves and end up feeling unfulfilled, unwanted, unable (because we have stopped ourselves from even being able to have more).

We struggle to move forward in life and achieve our desires (because all the hustle in the world is no good if you can’t let yourself receive the end result).

We feel lonely, isolated, and lacking in our relationships (because we can’t receive love either).

The good news is that we don’t need to stay this way!

Being able to sift down through the layers, and find the places in our lives where we created these walls is where we can start removing the beliefs that were formed and reconnecting to our selves and all of our power!

What happens then?

You’ll be able to define yourself the way you’ve always wanted to, and actually believe it!

You’ll be able to heal and grow and achieve exactly the way you want!

You’ll start to feel yourself drawing your desires in easily, without even trying!

And you’ll be able to start connecting to the people you love and creating an environment where they can heal and grow too 💕

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