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Why Scales Suck!

The Scale doesn't matter! It's how you feel! Making progress towards a healthy life!

1. It’s not a stall if you “only” lose one pound in a week, even if you know someone else who has lost ten. It’s not a stall if you plateau for a week. It’s not a stall if your weight fluctuates up and down over the course of a few weeks, either. In fact, it’s not a stall if the scale stays put for a few weeks but your pants are mysteriously growing larger. (Unless you have pants-gremlins that truly are replacing your trousers with a larger size, in which case, I can’t help you.)

2. Measure your progress in a few different ways – success – it all counts!

taking measurements

checking how your clothes fit

taking progress photos – as much as you might not feel like taking a “before” photo, later you’d regret not having one

being mindful of other positive changes, f.e. clearer skin, better sleep, less inflammation, lower blood pressure, more stable blood sugar, and so on

if you’re active, try setting fitness-related goals, for example, related to a distance, speed, or weight you can lift, and so on.

Stay Consistent!

I saw a post today from @GingerZee and she posted her picture first and I thought, I wish I looked like that! Then she posted a picture of the scale, she weighed 10 lbs more than I do. She spoke of having anorexia at a point in her life and now she only cares about being healthy! That was a great reminder to never compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

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